10 JUN – Theatre of Connection workshop: Transformations of Energy


KITE Music warmly welcomes the acclaimed Stamatis Eftstathiou (director & researcher, performer’s trainer, performer and writer) from Atropos Theatre for a rare Theatre of Connection introductory Workshop, under the title “Transformations of Energy”. The workshop is addressed to professional and amateur actors and performers who are interested in anthropological theatre, in Butoh dance, in spiritual and in sacred traditions, and in voice and singing –all aspects that concern Atropos’s central focus of research and practice.

Content- guide lines of the workshop
• Warming up and research on energy and technique
• Organic song and research of voice and body landscapes
• Old song(s) and chant(s) from different world traditions
• Embodiment of text and song
• Preparation and connection of impros through ritual processes
• Individual and group action. Focus in the interconnection between chorus and protagonist(s)
• Organic and guided improvisations

*** The participants will have already at the beginning of the work to know by heart a short text – not necessarily theatrical – and one traditional song, no matter their topic.

Date: 11 & 12 June 2017
Time: 11:00 – 17:00
Place: The Nursery Theatre, London Bridge
Cost (12 hours): £80, £60 concessions. Early Bird offer £70 and £50 concessions if booked before 11 May 2017.

Places are limited pease pay £30 deposit to secure your place to:
Account no: 21340260
Sort Code: 77-91-38
For registration please contact Maria Yerosimou, at kite@kitemusic.info and 07963122510

For more information with regard to the workshop, you can contact both KITE Music – kite@kitemusic.info and ATROPOS – atroposinfo@gmail.com.

You can find more information regarding Theatre of Connection and Stamatis Efstathiou in ATROPOS’s website http://atropostheatre.blogspot.gr/ and in the texts below.
Theatre of Connection

The Theatre of Connection, Atropos laboratory theatre group’s philosophy of work, researches forms of energy building bridges: from impulse to action, from our rejected or hidden nature to being more open and from the daily social codes to a non-everyday behavior. In a framework of research, experiment and individual work, the participant-performer, first of all energizes his will for discovery, development and change of level. In this Theatre of Connection the entire presence of the “doer-performer” reveals the inexhaustible energy and its transformations. The primordial vision of Theatre of Connection is to trace the links of the person-performer with space, time and the universe that surrounds him.

Founder and artistic director of Atropos, Stamatis Efstathiou, researches in his work the connection: energy-body-sound-speech-chant-song. In this particular workshop from the very beginning the basis of the sacredness of the work’s environment and the most “in disrepute” action are put into question in a totally viable and practical framework. On parallel we constantly research the points of collapse of ostentation, the landscapes that flirt with the profane and guide to commentary and to poetry

Stamatis Efstathiou – Atropos artistic director – (atropostheatre.blogspot.com)- is practicing theatre as director & researcher, performer’s trainer, performer and writer.

He has wandered around Europe following masters in Poland, in France, in Germany and in Serbia. On parallel he founded Atropos Laboratory theatre ensemble at 2004 and since then he participated as director, performer and writer in various theatre projects in Greece, in India, in Poland, in Iran, in Germany, in Armenia, in Bulgaria, in Denmark, in South Korea in Russia, in south Siberia, in Mexico, in Spain and in Belarus.

He is interested in anthropological theatre, in Butoh dance, in spiritual and in sacred traditions, and in voice and singing research, fields which he tries to investigate through the “Theatre of Connection”, the method and vision of Theatre that himself established and which he tries to develop through different long term projects (ENERGIA, CARNAVANI, KOSMOS, TETRAPTYCHO, etc).

Stamatis Efstathiou was last year during almost 3 months in different parts of India and especially in Karnataka and in Kerala in the framework of KOSMOS PROJECT –a theatrical and anthropological investigation as well as an educational and creative circle of collaborations and with different performative artists, universities, cultural and spiritual institutions (see more in atropostheatre.blogspot.com)