KITE Music – “Mουσικόs Χαρταετός” based in the UK, was founded in 2009 by the musicians and educationalists Savvia Kozakou and Olympia Tsarouchi, the original idea was to distribute the Cypriot and Greek culture to people that live abroad.

Our aim is to organise and produce educational and artistic activities. We are collaborating with musicians and teachers who live in Cyprus, Greece and England and we are aiming at the awakening of people, and especially children, concerning the Greek and Cypriot music and culture. Through musical games, songs and dancing we aim at: the creation of warm relationships between children, the cultivation of children’s spirits, the development of their creativity, but also the distinction of children’s personalities.

Acting at a country where the coexistence of dissimilar populations and cultures is a fact, KITE Music takes the multicultural diversity as a spark for the growth of activities that are aiming at the essential acquaintance of the different groups of people using the universal language of music as a main means. We pursue to promote the idea of multicultural coexistence connecting and bonding people through our music.